Understanding the Process

The Process

  • We will meet and explore your unique situation.
  • All data entry, bookkeeping, payroll and financial reports are done in our office.  We are available to deal with your vendors, bankers, investors, and POS providers to develop “key player” relationships.
  • You will get a customized end to end solution, from entry to long term planning, all wrapped into one fixed monthly fee.
  • We will create a financial management system that will serve as a template and model for all your franchisees to use.
  • You will see quicker reports, perhaps semi-monthly or even weekly financial statements.
  • You will have accurate information that will facilitate the immediate evaluation of how each of your locations are doing.
  • We will manage your “franchise home office”, and your franchised units as totally separate entities.  You will know exactly how each is doing.
  • We will develop a strategic growth plan for you and your franchisees that will evaluate your profits, your captial and your credit to create a critical path growth matrix to maximize expansion in a financially responsible manner.
  • With telephone conferences, Skype, email, and in-person visits, you will have immediate access to all of our team.